Haenim Product Features




Touch Button System

Auto Mode: The Auto Mode provides both Sterilizing and Drying at the same time for 3 different selection for various duration that you want to sterilize. You also have the power to adjust the duration based on the number and quantity of the items that you want to sterilize!

Sterilization Mode: The powerful combination of Sterilization and Ventilation working at the same time for both five or 10 minutes is now in your hands. You can also have the option to use the sterilization function only in this mode.

Drying Mode: Now with 3 options of 10, 20, of 40 minutes of drying and ventilation mode now readily available for you that aids in eliminating the unwanted odors while securing bacteria and germs no chance to grow. You can also have the option to use the drying function only in this mode.

Storage Mode: Haenim UV Smart Sterilizer allows mothers to leave items inside the sterilizer without having to worry about the possibility of generating bacteria when left inside to store. This feature sterilizes items stored inside the unit in intervals to allow continuous sanitation through an energy efficient way. The Storage System can run up to 4 sterilization cycles in two hours.



Bluetooth System

As the pioneer in bluetooth capability for the Smart UV Sterilizer, Haenim enables a wider range of controls for a complete overview through its mobile app. Haenim Smart UV Sterilizer empowers mothers to access and monitor the temperature, mode, timer, UV lamp usage and a lot more in their hands



Big Size Compartment

Capacity and Capability is what makes Haenim Smart UV Sterilizer better than others with its internal space that can fit 16EA bottles, and large enough for kids toys. You can safely sterilize and store milk bottles, stuffed toys, mobile phones, remote controls, and various things that your children that can get their hands on.



2 Step Drying

The Independent Dual Fan with natural air filter works simultaneously in drying the items inside and removing unwanted odors through its ventilation, while blocking dusts and dirt to shield from contamination.



Temperature Sensor

The Smart UV Sterilizer automatically shuts off when the sensor detects the internal temperature to be over 43º Celsius. You will have that assurance that your items would not burn, melt, or even causing endocrine-disrupting chemicals.



Dual UV Lamp

The DUAL Osram UV Lamp provides a wider and more powerful range to effectively eliminate 99.9% of Escherichia Coli (E. Coli, that normally causes diarrhea and other sickness) , Pseudomonas aeruginosa (causes Urinary Tract Infections, Respiratory system Infections, and much more other infections), Staphylococcus aureus (diseases that are caused by "Staph Infections" can be Boils, Food poisoning, Toxic shock, etc), Salmonella (Diseases associated with it such as Food Poisoning, Typhoid Fever, Etc.) with strong germicidal power.



SUS304 Super Mirror

With its high reflective power technology even on its door design enables a 360º coverage of its UV Light rays, Haenim UV Smart sterilizer is empowered to thoroughly target and eliminate all bacteria and germs.



Door Features

Even if you open the door to get something while it's still working, it will immediately continue to sterilize when you close the door.


Sound Level

As low as 30 decibel, it's as if you are just hearing the leaves outside fluttering in the wind. Low-key whispering sound that wouldn't disturb your baby as you sterilize.


Timer and Temperature Display

Apart from Internal Temperature Control, Haenim is built with well illuminated monitors to show both time left and current temperature when sterilizing.


Door Design

You can conveniently use and access the sterilizer with its 180º full door swing access as your put it or take out the items that will be sterilized.


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