Frequently Asked Questions

What can Haenim sterilize?
Haenim can sterilize almost all kind of product with UV, from baby needs, toys, even clothes and electronic device. But don’t use drying mode for electronic products.

Can it really sanitize my mobile phone and other items?
Yes. Just use UV mode and make sure that UV light can reach all the surfaces that need to be sanitized for optimal results. Battery operated toys, remote controls and as such must remove batteries.

What should I NOT put inside Haenim?
Latex materials should not be put inside as well.

What is the effect of UV light on objects placed inside Haenim?
While UV light exposure from Haenim may possibly shorten the lifespan of the plastics by a small amount, this will not come with a significant increase to biologically active chemicals from the breakdown of plastics. In short, for the materials tested, and similar types of plastics used in string and handling foodstuffs, the findings indicate that the product will be chemically as safe coming out of Haenim as going in.

While the items used in the study did not show any visible damage and electronics appeared to function normally, users are advised that such use of Haenim is at your own discretion and risk as the composition of the original materials and their durability are outside of Haenim's control.

How much power Haenim used?
Haenim is very green product, it save a lot power needed to drying and sterilizing compare to steamer based product. It only takes 80 watt when in drying mode. And 15 watt in Sterilize mode.

What's the difference than steamer?
Haenim is not a water-based product so it will not crusty and rusty.

Haenim is not using lamps as a heater, nor it will not burn goods with certain material.

Haenim can be use almost to all products not only for your baby needs. So it can be used even you don’t have baby anymore.

How to take care Haenim?
It is very easy to take care of Haenim, you just need to wipe with warm damp cloth and don’t use any soap.

Where can I get replacement UV lamps?
You may purchase it on our website or through Facebook and Instagram