UV vs Traditional Sterilizations



Haenim UV Sterilizers are laboratory tested and have been proven to be capable of eliminating up to 99.99% of germs.



Haenim UV sterilizers are equipped with various features such as Timer, Temperature Sensor, Bluetooth capabilities, Dual Fan for heating and drying, and several modes to equip mothers with control when sterilizing.



Haenim can hold up to 16 bottles and is capable of storing and sterilizing items such as toys, teethers, feeding materials and select electronic gadgets.



Haenim features an automatic timer for sterilizing and drying. Parents can easily manage their UV sterilizers from afar through its Bluetooth capabilities and mobile control.



Because moisture is one of the main breeding pools of bacteria, Haenim has designed its sterilizers to be equipped with double heating fan systems for maximum protection.



Haenim UV Sterilizers are easy to clean. Unlike other means of sterilizing, this UV sterilizer only requires one-a-week wiping with a damp cloth.




Use by any age



Use at any location

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